Gain Control of Your Firebase Costs

Do you spend over $500 per month on Firebase? helps you understand and lower your costs.

Always Be In The Know


Spending Trends

See where your usage costs are going so you can detect anomalies and plan ahead

Cost Visibility

Gain an accurate view of your firebase spend by category so you can take control of your costs

Regular Alerts

Get your update every day to ensure that you’re never surprised

We Love Firebase & Know Your Pain

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We are Google Firebase customers and, like many people, we’re concerned about our current and potential usage costs. You made have heard stories about customers see costs increase 7,000% over the course of a month. Scary stuff!

We built to gain control of our Firebase costs and now we hope that it can help you too. With, you will have daily insight on your Firebase usage and spend.

You Get All These Features

15 Metrics Tracked

Get updates on Realtime Database storage, Firestore activity, Hosting storage, Cloud Function usage, and more.

Daily and Monthly Reports

Get your reports pushed to you every day so you can stay updated in real time. Now you are never surprised at the end of the month.

NEW Mobile Apps

Install the iPhone or Android app and get quick access to your daily reports. Full historical archive of your reports available.

Cost Projections

Based on your historical patterns, and projects similar to yours, what should you expect to spend this month?

Slack Alerts

Sometimes you just need to get the updates in your Slack channels to ensure that the right people see it.

Team Access

If you are part of a larger organization, just create a team of users who have access to the data.

NEW Anomaly Detection Alerts

Is your usage outside of your normal patterns? You should know as soon as possible.

NEW Budget Alerts

Set your own dollar amounts as thresholds, and get alerts when your costs reach your set amount.

NEW Spending Limits

Do you want your app to automatically shut down when you hit a certain spend for the month? Now you can.

CTO, NYC Startup

" gives us visibility into how we are using Firebase in a way that lets us stay on top of our costs in real time. For any company on a budget that uses Firebase, using is a no brainer."

COO, Enterprise Software Co.

"The team is awesome and highly knowledgable. I recommend them to all Firebase customers who not only need to track their spending but also get the right level of direct support when needed."

How it Works

  • Sign Up

    Sign up with one click using your Google credentials.

  • Add Firebase Info

    Enter your Firebase project details.

  • Get Your Daily Report

    Get the visibility you need for your Firebase project.

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Love Slack? So Do We

In addition to daily email alerts, you can get your alerts in your Slack channel.


Track Your Costs in the fireRun App


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